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Planning to get a fantasy led pre-wedding photo shoot? Looking for some innovative and unique ideas which draw out your identity in the perfect manner?

Well, taking inspiration from outdated themes is too boring and cliché. Wondering how to ensure an offbeat pre-wedding shoot? No worries. All you need to do is check out a few unique ideas shared by the leading candid wedding photographers!

Pre-wedding photo shoots are best when they beautifully capture the love, and chemistry of the couple. While some still like going the conventional way, more and more couples incorporate themes which best portray their bonding and relationship. And, to get the best pre-wedding pictures, it’s important for you to discover your interests and integrate them in your photo shoot.

Candid wedding photographer

Below are a few great ideas shared by a skilled wedding photographer!

From A Top Candid Wedding Photographer In Kolkata: Ideas For A Fun-Filled Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

1. Bollywood Drama- Always A Hit

Pick a famous Bollywood movie scene or cool scene and recreate it in your own way for a splendid pre-wedding shoot. Be it the ‘kala chashma’ swag pose or the wacky pose of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt on the poster of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata believes that you can recreate any scene you like.

2. Go Retro!

Trust us; there cannot be a more fun and quirky way to have a pre-wedding shoot than dressing up according to the retro time period. Each timeline had its own fashion and language of style. And, if you know how to bring back the exact style to the present, you are bound to have a remarkable photo shoot. To make your shots look original, candid photographers can even add a touch of monochrome.

3. Miniature Delights

Miniature photography is your go-to option if you wish to look both funny and quirky in your pre-wedding photo shoot. The props used during the shoot will play a remarkable role in transforming the entire shot into something very unique. Many photographers even use pets and toy cars to make the pre-wedding pictures look extraordinary.

4. Make Use Of Graffiti

A leading candid wedding photographer suggests that this can be another great way of having a fun-filled pre-wedding photo shoot. Using the theme-based graffiti that are made of bright colors as the backdrop of the images during a pre-wedding shoot is in trend now. Turn any wall into an attractive theme as per your preferences and let the photographer weave his magic.

Hire a leading photographer today for a memorable pre-wedding shoot!