PIP Broadcast

Pre-Wedding Photography

Are you interested in clocking memories in reel? Do you want captures in colour that brighten up your pre-wedding memories? If candid and natural photographs inspire and make you feel warm and nostalgic, we at PIP Broadcast a pre wedding photographer in Kolkata brighten up your smiles and make you feel overwhelmingly beautiful before your wedding day.


Pre-wedding photo shoots allows couples to get photographs of their choice. They are natural and without any poses. These photographs help couples live and breathe the moment of togetherness. These are natural photographs taken to encourage the couples from feeling alert and shy. Pre-wedding photography is often a great way for couples to break the ice before taking marriage vows. Sometimes marriages are arranged and these photo shoots help create an atmosphere of candour and intimacy. Most couples get to know each other and understand the loves and hates that they share! Sometimes even families get clicked. These family moments help create the unbreakable bonds between couples. Weddings evoke nostalgia and rituals make those very moments timeless. If you want a photographer that captures the heart and soul of a ritual or practice commonly seen in Indian weddings, try a pre-wedding photography session! The clicks are natural and very suggestive of warmth and enthusiasm. Most couples feel shy initially while posing for the camera. But our expert photographer does all it takes to make them feel comfortable. Couples also choose a photographer that selects the best comfort zones, postures and creative angles. This accentuates the closeness of the couples and makes the bond shine through lens.

Why Choose PIP Broadcast?​

  • Expertise : Our team of skilled photographers has years of experience in corporate photography.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that every client is unique, which is why we offer customized photography solutions to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Professionalism: From start to finish, we prioritize professionalism and reliability, delivering on-time and high-quality photography services.
  • Client Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to understand your vision and exceed your expectations with our photography expertise.
  • Budget: We provide quality work at your pocket-friendly budget.
  • Comfort and Ease: Relaxing and compassionate sessions scaled to your comfort .
  • High-Quality Images: Stunning photos that stand as timeless keepsake.