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Bengali Wedding Photography In Kolkata

If you are on the lookout for a photographer who can immortalise your wedding moments through Bengali wedding photography in Kolkata, look no further than PIP Broadcast & Equipments. Ever since we have established our business in 2010, we have been offering a complete Bengali wedding photography package to our valuable customers all over India. Over the years, we have perfected ourselves in captivating various earthly moments into beautiful frames to make them eternal! At PIP Broadcast & Equipments, our extensive skills in capturing any Bengali marriage are second to none. Our vibrant, candid and spontaneous clicks are completely unmatched by anyone else. Our diligent team of competent photographers leave no stone unturned in converting your most memorable ceremonies into timeless classics. What makes us stand apart from our competitors is our exceptional ability in captivating authentic moments. With us by your side, be assured of photographs which speak for themselves.


At PIP Broadcast & Equipment, we take immense pride in our expertise to turn the most auspicious day of your life into the most memorable day of your lifetime. Whether you want some candid moments shot during the “Gaye Holud” or wish to have the nitty-gritty of the “kanyadan” ceremony captured, we are here to meet your needs. We are a reputed wedding photographer with a proven record of bringing out the best in couples. Our team of skilled wedding photographers understand how important the day means to you and ensure everything is picture perfect. We believe that it is our zeal and dedication to take up challenges which help us in offering professional Bengali wedding photography. With our dedicated wedding photographers by your side, be assured that nothing will go wrong with the sheer perfection in our task.


Be it the laughter during the Aai Budo Bhaat or the informal banters during the Subho Drishti, the auspicious vows during the Saat Paak or the merriment during the Sindur Daan, our skilled photographers can neatly capture your every moment in their camera lenses. Our ability to capture every moment of joy, tears, happiness and frolic are all that you need to cherish your most precious moments. Our unique style of narrating your wedding story through beautiful photographs can be a lifetime treasure for any couple.


  • A team of skilled wedding photographers who have years of experience in the industry.
  • Well qualified photographers who utilise state-of-the art equipment to offer high-quality photographs.
  • Affordable Bengali wedding photography packages at the best competitive rates.
  • Exemplary professional services with guaranteed customer satisfaction.