Unique Bridal Portrait Shots to Try for Candid Wedding Photography

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No matter the type of wedding you cover as a photographer, bridal portrait shots never go off the hook. It is a nice way to introduce the bride in the wedding album. However, the bridal portrait shots have not been updated much with the passing of time.

Don’t Let Bridal Shots Become Monotonous:

The similar range of shots may sometimes render the bridal portrait shots monotonous. It can be a little cliched, but as a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, your job is to find unique ranges of shots that make the photos interesting.

Unique Ways to Capture Bridal Portrait Shots:

For a creative touch to bridal portrait photos, you can try the shots suggested below.

● Dance with the Groom:

Though dance is a genuine photographic element, you will only find it at the end of the ceremony. It is also a great opportunity to capture photos of the couple together. However, you must focus on taking shots of the bride to define their unique individual style. Try capturing the moment when they dance with their family and friends.

● Reflective Shots:

It is one of the unique ways to create a bridal portrait. Instead of the regular mirror shot, you can try other reflective elements, like water. Create a unique angle that defines the latent emotions of the bride on her most important day.

● Black and White Click:

Not only are Indian weddings known for their extravagance, but they are also known for the use of colours. However, if you want to capture a unique portrait shot of the bride, you can implement a contrast. Capture a Black and White photo, showing the face of the bride completely to add more depth to the photo.

If you want a memorable photo album with unique shots not covered by many, try PIP Broadcast & Equipments. We are one of the well-known sources, having a team of candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. For more information, you can visit our website.

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