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Wedding photography is more than traditional bridal and groom pictures nowadays. Getting beautiful pre-wedding photos to reminisce about moments of your loveable relationship is a trend nowadays. Pre-wedding photos add to the creative side of the wedding photographs. How to get the best pre-wedding photos? Themed pre-wedding photos can add a creative side to the wedding album. A pre-wedding photoshoot is all about capturing the lovable moments of the couple. Hence the pictures should celebrate the essence of their relationship. Make sure you hire the best candid photographer in Kolkata for the job.

What are the different themes of a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Vintage theme

For some couples, vintage photos are special. Vintage is a special theme which sets a special chemistry between the couples. Consult with your photographer, and you can opt for a 1950s or 1980s chic boho-styled theme for your pre-wedding photographs. You can team it up with stylish and creative props as well. Make sure you select a location accordingly. You can try out the lush greeneries or wildflowers for the same.

Relationship theme

Every relationship has some special memories. A special token of love or a special food that triggered your relationship. You can easily make that a wedding theme and create beautiful memories. Ensure that there’s a 100% comfort level between both while you opt for the photoshoot.

Destination theme

Do you have an extra budget for your pre-wedding photos? Then opting for a destination theme pre-wedding is the best option. You can select the best destination that suits your purpose and find iconic locations in and around the same to get memorable and beautiful pictures. Destination-themed pictures can also be taken in a pack or near a riverside. The choice of the destination depends entirely on the decision of the couple.

Bollywood theme

Lastly, a Bollywood-themed photo shoot is a perfect beginning to a lavish wedding. Select your favourite movie and build out a theme out of the same. When it comes to Bollywood, the sky’s the limit. There are ample options that you can try out. You can also dress like your favourite Bollywood actor and actress and pose for your pre-wedding photos.

For the best candid photographer in Kolkata, contact PIP Broadcast & Equipments. We provide themed and destination pre-wedding photoshoot services. For the best candid photography, contact us.


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