Why Most People Love Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata?

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Posing in front of the camera is something not everyone is comfortable with. Most people get camera conscious when asked to pose if they aren’t used to the camera. A wedding is a very special day for a couple as well as their families. Each and every joyful moment must be captured in its original form, which is possible with candid wedding photography. We suggest hiring a professional candid wedding photographer in Kolkata to not miss a single precious moment.

Important Facts to Understand the Growing Preference for a Candid Wedding Photographer

Indian candid photography is actually a combination of old and new approaches. This is because it covers a traditional wedding in a different hue.

Candid Photography vs Traditional Photography

Traditional photography captures the events they are supposed to. However, the beauty of candid pictures is capturing people’s natural reactions. It captures the overwhelming emotions in such a way that they would walk down memory lane every time they see it.
• The picture of the bride and groom is clearly visible n traditional photography. You will also notice them at the centre of most pictures. Whereas in candid photography, the photographer chooses a unique angle for capturing the couple. He may focus on a scene with a new position or use the light to give a fresh look to the picture, making it more creative.
• The difference between these two forms is mainly the approach of capturing. They have different observations to frame a subject in the picture and click it. Their use of lights or ambience preferences can also be different. Candid wedding photography has been in trend for the last few years for capturing the real emotions of people. In both scenarios, the results are different.

The main reasons people prefer candid wedding photography include the following:

• Inconspicuous:

Candid wedding photographers are much more discreet. They make you forget that they are even there for most of the event.

• Flexible:

Taking candid pictures allows a photographer to be more flexible as compared to a traditional one. The reason for that is they don’t have to be concerned about losing the light and try desperately to gather people together.

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