PIP Broadcast


Pipbroadacst did a great job covering my entire wedding. They were very professional and tried to understand our requirements very closely. Our pre-wedding shoot gave us some of our lifetime memorable photos. Thank you guys for making our day even more special. Wish you guy’s good luck!!


Thank you Indranil & PIP Team for making my wedding so memorable and wonderful. We would cherish every moment captured so beautifully when we get old.


It was delightful working with Indranil & his team. His team was the most amazing one to coordinate with. He & his team captured all the beautiful moments of our two days wedding ceremony at The ITC Royel bangal, Kolkata. Our albums turned out to be perfect. Thank you very much for all the hard work & coordination.


Amazing albums delivered by PIPBROADCAST. And the work they have done was totally according to me and the whole team was very cooperative and nice. He did whatever I said and very nicely. Highly recommended.


PIP Broadcast Team has done a tremendous job with our Wedding and Pre-wedding Shoot. Some fabulously rich photography that captured some of the sweetest moments from our special day. I especially appreciate Total team efforts in making my husband comfortable enough to be the most lovable version of himself.


Your input was invaluable and your help was very much appreciated. You managed to capture so many emotions and such unplanned shots which we love. Thank you So Much for wonderful click in our Bigday.

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Such a relaxed artistic clever photography team with a great sense of humor and who goes above and beyond to get that perfectly unique shot! We truly were blessed to have you all...from start to finish, the level of detail showed to capture creative and unique shots was amazing. Thank You. Edit all with fatafati effect...


PIP Broadcast helps wedding photographs look alive and create a magical quality unheard of before! I cannot thank PIP enough for the moments it has captured through the reel and all the magic was in the "Baraat" shots. Your photographers readily mingled with the crowds and took perfect photographs of all ceremonies. A very big Thank You for making me easy and relaxed. The Getting Ready shots were my favourite and the other shots were magnificent and amazing! Thanks again.

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Dear Indra da, The wedding album was amazing. We would like to show our gratitude and offer our thanks for the spectacular compilation of these photographs. Our Wedding album turned out to be amazing and truly memorable. Your photographs redefined the memorable times and made it much more invaluable than words can express. Thanks to your fantastic photographic skills and candid moments made the entire event a success on print. Your take on unplanned shots and emotional outpouring awhile the wedding was on- was simply wonderful. You captured the moments and made the moment very special- one that we would cherish. We will cherish the D day with the photographs you have clicked. Thank you for being patient, enthusiastic and flexible throughout the entire event.


PIP has done an incredible job with our Engagement and Wedding photographs. They hard work in getting to know us before the day really paid off with some spectacularly rich photography that captured some of the happiest moments from our special day. I especially appreciate their effort in making my husband at ease enough to be the most adorable version of them.