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In wedding photography, the portrait shots of the bride play an important role. It has all the elements of becoming the money shot of the whole wedding. The photos can beautifully define the style statement and depict the various emotions of the bride.

Solo Shot of Brides: An Irresistible Opportunity:

As a wedding photographer, one should not miss the opportunity to consider clicking some solo shots of the bride. The photography session can be exciting and challenging at the same time. One may particularly find it intriguing while handling a camera-shy bride.

Wedding Photography Tips for Perfect Solo Shots of Brides

The experts in wedding photography in Kolkata follow certain techniques to capture a solo shot of the bride. More information about these techniques is provided in the following section.

  • Give Attention to Natural Expressions: Natural facial expressions are a valuable thing to consider for solo bride shots. The photographer should look for a more genuine smile that can reflect the bride’s emotions. It would be helpful if the girl wanted to show some of her pearly whites. The bride’s glances at the wedding ring or the wedding decorations can also be nice things to capture.
  • Angular Arm Shots: The photographer should ensure that the posture of the bride’s arms is a bit angular. This can ensure getting a perfect bridal portrait shot that can be a valuable addition to the wedding album. This shot can be perfected if she stands near a wall, a window or beside a cupboard. As a wedding photographer, one shouldn’t be shy to be more creative with these shots.
  • Add Props: This is a great solution for capturing photos of camera-shy brides. One should look for some items which have sentimental value for the bride. She may feel relaxed when it is used as an additional prop. This will help the photographer to get a perfect solo shot. The veil can also be a nice prop to capture a photo’s essence perfectly.

These are useful tips for a perfect solo picture of the bride. A photographer should not miss these opportunities to get the perfect shot. PIP Broadcast and Equipments can be a reliable partner to capture shots like these. They are a well-known professional source for wedding photography in Kolkata. Expert photographers can help one to get a memorable wedding album. One should visit their website to know more.