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Traditional photography has been in trend for a long time. However, the essence of traditional photography is fading away since modern photography has taken its place. To most people, nowadays, traditional wedding photography is old school. Merely sitting or standing with the guests doesn’t make a part of wedding photography nowadays. In simple words, traditional wedding photography lacks the spontaneity of the moment. It is like a framed picture with no creative side to the same.

For wedding photography in Kolkata, you’ll find plenty of names in your bucket list who are good traditional photographers. However, the demand is high for modern photographers. A short comparison between both will make things clear.

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Modern vs traditional wedding photography

1. Time factor
As the name suggests, traditional photography needs a person to set up the camera whenever they want to take a picture. Hence, the traditional way is tiresome and time-consuming. However, a modern photographer doesn’t need a setup, lights, or other equipment to capture a candid moment. They hand the cameras around their neck and move around at the wedding, capturing moments without anyone noticing the same.

2. Moving image
Traditional photographers generally use the older version of the cameras. Thus, they are not equipped to capture the moving images or the candid shots. In case if they try doing the same, the captures will come out blurry. On the contrary, modern wedding photographers are more focused on taking moving pictures. Some of the best shots, like whirling wedding dress shots or walking down the stairs, can be taken only with a modern camera, and thus, modern photography is in high demand nowadays.

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3. Photography rules
Unlike the traditional wedding photographers, a modern wedding photographer doesn’t follow many rules. It’s all about creativity. There’s no compulsory shot that needs to be taken. Rather modern wedding photographers try to bring out new pictures of different moments in every wedding. Hiring a modern photographer will surely make your wedding pictures realistic and different.

4. Editing part
Traditional photographers don’t offer any editing service for the pictures taken. They use lights and normal lenses and take pictures in the pose which they prefer. But they don’t edit the pictures, and neither do they provide additional services like the post or pre-wedding photoshoots. On the contrary, modern wedding photographers give a packaged service that includes all types of services. The photographers edit the pictures you see on the camera to bring out a beautiful outcome.

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