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Now that you are in the planning process of your wedding, did you finalise on the photographer who will capture your precious moments? Do you think a casual flip through a professional’s portfolio is enough? Well, it is only when you ask the right questions and understand the details of working with a professional can you really give him your thumbs up!

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It goes without saying that other than your rings and dress, it is only these photographs which will be left with you to remind the emotions, intricacies and details which made up your wedding celebration. Choosing a shooter who can document your entire wedding can indeed be a daunting task. After narrowing down your list to 2-3 photographers, meet with each of them in person. Further, you must ask a few questions for hiring the right shooter!

Read on then to check out the 15 questions which you must ask a photographer before hiring him/her for your D-day!

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Few Important Questions You Must Ask Wedding Photographers Before Appointing

  1. What Photographic Style Do You Specialise In?
    Though most shooters prefer using a blend of styles in wedding photography, you must check if the photographer’s style reflects the style in which he claims to shoot. Remember; it is always wise to go with the style which your shooter specialises in and has the most experience in to achieve the best results.
  2. Do You Retouch And Colour Balance The Photos? Will You Do That Before Showing The Proofs?
    Magazine houses use this technique to make their pages look perfect. While some professionals will show photos only after they have been retouched and colour balanced, there are many specialists who will show you the untouched proofs first and then weave their magic only on the photos you order.
  3. What Are Included In Your Packages?
    While comparing the fees, it’s imperative to check if prints, albums, proofs and extra coverage like pre-wedding shoots are included in the packages offered by your wedding photographers. Reputed photographers are always upfront about their packages and give their customers a clear picture of all that’s included in each of their packages. Choose one who has the best offerings at the most economical rates.
  4. Are You The Original Photographer Who Will Shoot Our Wedding?
    You must inquire if the professional you are meeting with is the one who will be photographing your D-day. Further, you must ask if the portfolio that was shown to you was the work of the photographer who will be working for you or someone else’s. Ensure that you meet with the person beforehand and even check his photos so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. Will You Have Any Second Shooter Or Assistants? Is There Additional Fees For Each?
    With second shooters you can have two perspectives on most of your precious moments and they can even cover more ground. For instance, one professional can shoot the groom’s reaction when he first sees his bride at the mandap and the other can capture the bride while she walks down the aisle. Inquire if this will cost you extra.
  6. Are There Backup Photographers Who Will Shoot Our Wedding If You Fall Sick?
    The benefits of choosing a company is that it employs a team of skilled photographers who have years of experience in wedding photography, allowing you to have a built-in backup. In case you wish to hire a solo shooter, inquire if they have colleagues on call in case of sudden need or emergency.
  7. How Many Marriages Do You Cover In A Year And How Many Have You Shot Till Now? What’s Your Favourite Time And Part Of Shooting A Wedding?
    You have got one chance only to get remarkable photos, so it’s quite obvious that you will want to hire someone who has the expertise to click those amazing shots even under pressure. Inquire about the company’s experience in wedding photography. A company with skilled wedding photographers which has been in the business only for a couple of years but boasts of covering 40-50 weddings a year can be a good choice.
  8. Do You Shoot Both Digital And Film?
    Though shooting digital is more common nowadays in marriages, films have had resurgence. In case you wish to opt for the latter, ensure that the shooter(s) you are planning to hire boasts of relevant experience and has the skills essential in executing this format. Remember; it is always wise to book a pro who can offer you high-quality of film.
  9. If You Specialise In Doing Both, What Percentage Do You Recommend Of Each? While Shooting Films, Do You Shoot In Both Black & White And Colour?
    Nowadays, most shooters excel in doing a mix of both colour and black & white while shooting films. Ask them what balance they usually go with, to get an idea of how your marriage album will look by sensing their style.
  10. How Many Hours Of Coverage Do You Offer? What Are The Charges For Overtime?
    If you find that overtime is going to cost you a ton, it is wise to plan their shooting hours accordingly. For instance, if you get eight hours of coverage in total and the shooter charges on the basis of hours during overtime, you might have to leave them just after the saat pheras instead of the end of the nuptial ceremonies. Opting for a longer package can thus save you from paying overtime.
  11. Did You Ever Shoot In Our Venue(S) Before?
    Hiring a shooter who has previously worked on your venue can be an added bonus. He will have a prior idea of the lighting needs and other special requirements specific to that place. Even if they have not worked in your venue earlier, they should have the willingness to check out the place beforehand.
  12. How Long After The Wedding Can We Get To See Our Photos?
    It goes without saying that you will want to see your pictures as early as possible. A wait of several months can be pretty annoying and thus, it is always safe to ask the shooter in the beginning itself about the time it will take him to handover the pictures to you. Prefer hiring wedding photographers who can give you the images within a month’s time.
  13. How Do You Plan To Co-Ordinate With Our Videographer?
    The team of photographers and videographers need to co-ordinate with each other throughout your wedding and nuptial ceremonies. They need to avoid crossing each other’s way by having a good rapport among themselves. You can even hire the videographer from the company itself to ensure a smooth process.
  14. Do You Follow A Shot List Or You Wish To Have Free Reign While Capturing The Events?
    Most shooters abide by a precise shot list to ensure that their clients get their desired shots. However, ensure that you do not overwhelm them with hundreds of requests since they have got the right eye and skill to give you an amazing wedding album. Simply let them do their job.
  15. What Are The Copyright Parameters? Do You Impose Restrictions On Sharing Photos Online?
    Ask if the company will own the copyright to use your images for various types of promotion in social media platforms. Ensure that you have the right to use your photos in whichever way you want.

Now that you have this list of essential questions, what are you still waiting for? Find a reputed photographer in your area and be assured of beautiful captivated frames!