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Most of the candid wedding photographers in India love undertaking Bengali wedding photography projects as all the wedding rituals have distinct features. Bong-style photographs have a unique touch. If you also want your wedding album to portray the same, make sure you choose the best candid photographers for your D-day. Though most Bengali wedding rituals are similar to Hindu wedding rituals, there is a fine line between them. You can expect more pre and post-wedding rituals with the former.

Few Of The Common Wedding Rituals Candid Photographers Love Have Been Stated Below

1. Gaye Holud
It is a special Bengali wedding ritual when five married women grind turmeric using pestle and mortar before applying it all over the groom’s body, especially his face. The same ritual takes place at the bride’s home. The groom’s house provides the turmeric they grind. The bride wears a new saree with a red and white towel wrapped around her shoulder.

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2. Bor Boron
The Bor Boron ritual starts when the groom reaches the bride’s home with his family to get married. The bride’s relatives come out of the house to greet the groom and his family. They even serve sweets and drinks. The bride’s mother has a Boron Dala in her hand with an earthen lamp to welcome the groom. It also has a cane plate painted and woven, honey, ghee, rice with husk, and bananas. The Bor Boron is an integral part of every Bengali wedding as it is used to welcome both the groom and the bride.

3. Subho Dristi
Most of the photographers in Kolkata offering candid wedding photography ensure that they click few beautiful images during Subho Dristi. The moment is indeed magical as the bride and the groom looks at each other for the first time on their D-day. The bride’s face is hidden behind betel leaves which she removes slowly to look at the groom. The moment is ideal to click some beautiful candid photographs.

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4. Sampradan
The Kanya Sampradan takes place after the groom and the bride exchange garlands. It is a very important ritual during which an elderly male member in the bride’s family hands her over to the groom. The priest uses a sacred thread to tie the groom’s and bride’s hands while reciting Vedic chants. The couple also put their hands on the Mangal Ghot during Sampradan. All these make Bengali weddings perfect for candid photography.

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Since Bengali weddings have so much to offer, it’s time you hire the best candid photographers from PIP Broadcast.