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A wedding is a memorable event. Years after the D-day is over, you’ll feel like walking down the memory lane reminiscing the beautiful moments of the past. Memories fade away with time; however, photographs remain as living proof of the same. However, if you mistakenly select the wrong wedding photographer, the memories can turn into depressing nightmares.

You’ll find a big list of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata who has an eligible team to capture the right shot at the right time. However, couples mostly end up making a few mistakes while they select a wedding photographer. Here’re a few costly mistakes that might ruin the memories from the most important day.

Mistake 1: Choosing a photographer based on other’s decisions

It is your wedding hence you should make every decision. It is good to take reviews and recommendations. However, the end decision should be yours. You might go through your friend’s wedding album; however, your needs can differ from theirs. Hence don’t make the mistake of letting others choose the photographer on behalf of you.


Mistake 2: Choosing a mis-matched photographer

Always be sure of choosing the photographer who matches your personality traits. Nowadays, you’ll get both candid and traditional photographers. Many people choose the traditional ones, although mentally, they have been looking for candid shots. To avoid such mistakes, check out the previous works of the photographers. This will give you a fair idea about their working process.

Mistake 3: Assuming that photographer knows it all

You might be having a special pose in your mind. Then share it with the photographer. If you assume that they know everything, then you’re wrong. They’ve to deal with different couples every day. Not everyone has the same taste. Hence the responsibility of getting the best shot depends largely on the couple. If you don’t want the old formal shots, then speak up. Keeping mum will not land you great memories.

Mistake 4: Not communicating about the package before hiring

What is the package? What are all things included in it? If you don’t know the same, then you’re certainly in for a loss. This is a grave mistake that people make while hiring wedding photographers. They do not enquire about the package details. Thus, in the end, they get deceived by the photographers. Also, check whether you can add to customise the package as per your needs. Some photographers charge a flat fee and don’t include any good shots.

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