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Trust us; everything you have heard so far is true: The big day (your wedding day) you have been dreaming about for months and years comes and goes away quickly. That’s why preparation is the key to get a wedding album that you’ll cherish for all eternity!

Once you finalise your photographer, it’s time you start thinking about the photos you want in your album and make a shot list accordingly. But, in the excitement, hustle-bustle and nervousness of your day, it can be really hard to take out time for photos or remember the images you want. It is here that the need for a professional candid wedding photographer in Kolkata comes in. These experts love getting creative and can take beautiful bridal portraits.

Below is a list of shots a wedding photographer can capture on your bridal shoot!

Few Beautiful Shots The Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata Can Capture On A Bridal Shoot

Bridal Wear Shot

Photographers understand that you have spent a number of hours and days in the search of the perfect bridal wear. From visiting the leading boutiques and flipping over the bridal magazines to getting your blouse fit absolutely right, you have given so much – all for that perfect sari or lehenga for your d-day. They can help you treasure the beauty of your bridal wear by taking shots of it to make it the star of your album!


Getting Ready

Your journey of becoming a bride from a bubbly girl is something which should definitely be a part of your album. Leading wedding photographers can beautifully capture this entire process. From the beautiful bridal glow on your face to the excitement and nervousness you will go through while getting ready, they can capture every little detail.

Candid wedding photographer in KolkataBridal Portrait

The preparations you have been taking for months will lead up to the moment of being finally dressed as a bride. Experienced wedding photographers in Kolkata love capturing their brides in all their glory. With their immense knowledge of wedding photography, they can capture images which highlight the best of you on your wedding day.

candid wedding photographyBridal Entry

Everyone at the venue will have their eyes on you when you enter or walk towards the mandap. This is another heart-warming moment which photographers capture. Whether you walk in with a phoolo ki chaadar, enter in a palki or you are carried by the male members of your family in a piri, your wedding photographer can capture this special moment beautifully in his lenses.

Time to eternalise your big day by hiring a skilled wedding photographer!