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Every wedding is filled with hundreds of memories. If you want to cherish them for years to come, hire reputable wedding photographers. If you want to give your wedding photos a unique touch, prepare a photo booth. You can add one or two photo booths at your wedding venue without stretching your budget. It will become the ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. With so many photo booth ideas to choose from, couples often get confused. The best you can do is to get in touch with experienced wedding photographers. They will help you built the ideal backdrop by suggesting a few affordable and creative photo booth ideas.

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Few Photo Booth Ideas Generally Suggested By Wedding Photographers

1. Tassels

Visit an art supply store or fabric shop in your locality and buy some colourful tassels without punching a hole in your pocket. You can either make garlands using them or cut them at different lengths and hang them. PIP Broadcast had worked on a wedding photography project where the couple has used tassels matching their wedding colour palette. The relaxed and bohemian look of their photo booth enhanced the beauty of their wedding photos.

2. Hanging Greenery

You can either use your wardrobe hanger or built a structure using metal or wood. Place a curtain over it and hang a few branches of green leaves. You can ask the florist to give you some leftovers from the flower bouquet or pick some from your garden. The hanging greenery is widely preferred by wedding photographers as you can hang them as you like. If you don’t want to hang branches, you can make garlands made of leaves.

3. Blackboard

One of the primary benefits of decorating your wedding photo booth using black chalkboards is that you can choose from a wide variety of boards. You can even make a backdrop with a giant board, a few small boards and a folded blackboard. Get in touch with a friend who excels in calligraphy and ask him to write something innovative or romantic on the board. You can even print out letters and paste them on the board.

4. Wallpaper

Don’t have adequate time to prepare an innovative backdrop for your wedding photography? Use a wooden board, wrapping paper or leftover wallpaper to decorate your wedding photo booth. You can also add a few props like flowers and antique furniture. Though the wallpaper backdrop looks beautiful with a vintage wedding theme, you can try them with other themes as well.

5. Frames

If you are planning to prepare a photo booth with frames, feel free to play with various shapes, sizes and textures. Place the empty photo frames at the right angle and you can create a 3D photo booth backdrop. They look great at outdoor weddings. You can hang the frames on a tree and paint it with a colour of your choice.

Time to choose from one of the photo booth ideas stated above and hire a wedding photographer for some beautiful wedding photos.