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Your makeup, smile and dress will look splendid in the wedding photos if you know how to pose confidently. A wedding day is a memorable event in a couple’s life. You should cherish the moments by getting photos clicked by the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata. They will suggest tips and tricks to posing for candid, natural wedding photos. This way, you can create a perfect wedding album to show to friends and family.

5 Candid Wedding Photography Poses to Try

1. Discover your side

Every person has a preferred good side when it comes to clicking pictures. You need not practice posing. But you should know which side looks the best in photos. Do a quick test run with your friends to find your flattering side and angle. Take a few photos and see which capture looks stunning. This way, you can tell the photographer about your ‘good side’ while posing with your partner.

2. Do not over practice

You should be prepared to get clicked by the photographers on your wedding day. But it is recommended to avoid over practising. Practising poses will likely boost your confidence, but it can destroy the image aesthetically. Trying to nail the shot at the moment can ruin feel. This is why you should try to be candid and natural. Experienced wedding photographers can capture shots in their master style. They ensure not to miss any detail or lighting. Hence, they ask couples to stay natural throughout the day. It helps them click images that are consistent with their natural demeanour.

3. Angle your body

If you are posing with your partner, try to stand at an angle. It is not great to stand side by side with the body facing the camera entirely. Instead, you can turn to a 45-degree angle by facing your partner. It creates a flattering angle with beautiful pictures. The photos need not display your full body width. You should pose natural, so it does not feel stiff.

4. Relax

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. So, conserve your smile for the camera and be happy. Wedding photoshoots take hours, but you should be ready to smile consistently to get nice images. Close your eyes, let the lips relax and breathe. Relax your shoulder and fall back into place. Do not puff your cheeks hard, or it becomes noticeable. Be mindful of your arms, especially if you are wearing a sleeveless dress. In the end, you will be amazed by the results and outcome.

5. Have Fun

Get silly with your bridesmaid or partner. Talk nicely and converse naturally with your husband and allow the photographer to capture that moment. Do not spend your time stressing about the photos. Even if you feel nervous, do not let it show on your face. Even if you feel nervous, do not let it show on your face.

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