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Since your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, make sure you are ready with all the preparations before your D-day. You have to render the services offered by vendors like decorators, florists, caterer, musician, and photographers, to name a few. Though you can check out the quality of the service offered by the former vendors, with photography the story is completely different. You can’t really ensure the quality of service provided by them until they hand you over the wedding images. Especially if you are willing to click some candid photography, you better be sure about hiring the ideal photographer than feeling sorry about it later.

Hiring A Candid Wedding Photographer In Kolkata? Below Is The Checklist

  • Do A Bit Of Research
    Go through the local listings and look for reviews on the website of photographers whose wedding images you found out to be interesting. Having a look at those images will definitely help you gather an idea about their photography style, as well as, their personality. If their previous clients have shared positive feedback, approaching them might be a cool idea.
  • Match Your Personality
    There should be a clear bonding between you and your photographer. Look for one who gets excited with the description of the images you vision. They should be presenting their suggestions in a clear way. Beware of professionals whose mannerism pulls you off. Not only should they have a social grace but also ready to take that extra effort to click that perfect candid photograph for you.
  • Know About The Package
    Before you start judging the photographer depending on the price charged by the, confirm what all is included in the package. Stay away from professionals who don’t provide you with the exact amount or leave scopes for hidden costs. If you are planning for a gala wedding, make sure there are at least two professionals covering your event. Clarify the variety of album they will be providing as well.
  • Confirm The Style
    If you are willing to opt for the photography style that is currently trending in the market, candid photography is the name to trust. In this variety, you aren’t actually aware that your photo is being clicked so you can stay assured of getting some unique clicks. Make sure the Candid Wedding Photographer in Kolkata you approach has years of experience in the industry.
  • Meet Them
    Though looking at the images clicked by the professionals is treated to be the first step during the selection procedure, meeting them in person is also important. If you find out that the price charged by them is within your budget, enquire whether they are available on your day of wedding. Try to meet at least 2 or 3 potential photographers so that you can book the best among them

Ready To Book?
This being said, it’s time you start your tour in search of the ideal photographer before meeting them in person. Unless you both are comfortable with each other, the images won’t turn out the way you want it to be!