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Silhouette shots are intimate and romantic and definitely have a mesmerising effect on the wedding album pictures. Nowadays, newlywed couples are highly concerned about their wedding pictures. After all, they are the only source of memory that’ll stay with them forever. To create a timeless collection of wedding pictures, wedding photographers prefer including silhouette shots of the couples.

Don’t worry if you’re a non-poser. Remember, the best moments are captured in candid shots. Book the correct type of professional photographer and witness magical moments of togetherness while shooting your wedding photos. Silhouette shots are easy to take. The only thing that matters is the manipulation of lightings.

The more you experiment, the better result you’ll get. Here’re 5 top picks that should be added to every wedding album.

Holding Hands During Sunset

Whether you opt for pre or post-wedding photographs or want it on your big day, the holding hands’ silhouette never gets old. The wedding photographer needs to be very careful about the timing. This picture looks romantic only if the same is taken during sunset. The colours and textures of the sunset rekindle the romance when you see it years after your marriage.


Bridal Dress up The Silhouette

Bridal makeup shots are in trend nowadays. The transformation of a simple girl to a breathtaking beauty must be captured through the best photographs. Adding a silhouette shot to the same can be the icing on the cake! These shots need to be taken by making the bride sit near the window to cover the natural light.

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Evening Dance Silhouette

You can quickly get a cheerful yet romantic picture by including a dancing silhouette picture in the album. These shots are generally taken outside in the gardens or parks. Hence it would help if you planned for this shot during your pre or post-wedding photo session.

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Intimate Embrace Silhouette

Manage a special few minutes from the wedding ceremonies and include this shot in your precious wedding album. A loving embrace with the sunset in the background is one of the finest pictures of any wedding album. When you hover through the pages of your album ten years later, the memories will add new feelings of intimateness to your relation.

Walking Down The Stairs Shot

Finally, to end the wedding album, walking down the stairs shot is irreplaceable. A wedding is an eternal journey that a couple embarks on. Thus, this picture, along with a silhouette background, represents the journey you’re about to make.

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