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The wedding is one of few occasions in one’s life which should be preserved and cherished for years to come. Hire reliable wedding photographer in Kolkata and you can stay assured that they will capture every memorable moment of your d-day in the best possible frame. A majority of them excels in capturing the most unique and creative images. They are even aware of the latest wedding photography trends so that the images are exactly the way you want them to be.

Hiring Wedding Photographers in Kolkata? Few Trends You Can Expect Them To Follow



The pre-wedding photo shoot is something everyone looking for wedding photography in Kolkata is aware of.  The best part of this photo session is that you can spend some quality time with your would-be before the d-day. It also helps the photographer to understand the chemistry you both share and the type of wedding images you are looking for.

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Capture The Proposal

Though the moment when the boy proposes the girl for marriage is short, it is wonderful. Hire a photographer if you want to capture that fleeting moment and relive it later. The trend of capturing the proposal is gradually growing as the right professional can capture some truly great images with just the couple in the frame and a mesmerizing background.

Candid wedding photography kolkata India

Include Instagram

With the popularity of Twitter and Instagram growing, incorporating them into your wedding images has become a trend. Wedding photographers encourage the guests to upload photos on these social sites using a wedding hashtag. This helps the couple to experience their d-day through the eyes of their guests.


Bridal Portraits

Though bridal portraits aren’t a new term, the way a bride is made to pose has become unique. One of the poses your photographer should definitely ask you to try is the bridal portrait session at a window. Brides need to craft a schedule for the d-day wisely so that they have adequate time for the bridal portrait sessions in their wedding attire before the wedding ceremonies start.

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Try Something New

If you want your Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to follow the latest photography trends, stop worrying about the ancient traditions or protocols. Opt for simple but unique images if you want to have fun. You can also set up a separate photo booth if you want your wedding photographer to capture some candid images of you and your guests. Even the professional is aware of the fact that couples love only original images.


Monochrome Images

If you think that black and white wedding images were in trend 15 years ago, it’s high time you debunk the myth and ask your wedding photographer for some modern monochrome wedding photographs. The best photographers are aware of the latest ways to utilize this classic technique and make your wedding images unique.

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

These being said, it’s time you hire a professional who is aware of the latest wedding photography trends stated above.