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Every couple has varying preferences when it comes to wedding style, décor and theme. An important decision to make is choosing a good wedding photographer. A wedding is one of the biggest events of your life. You will fondly remember these moments even a few decades later. The right photography style combined with aesthetics will highlight your wedding event. Hence the professional photographer in Kolkata can make any wedding photoshoot wonderful and memorable.

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

A successful wedding photoshoot requires detailed preparation. Preliminary research helps you make the correct investment. The experts take a lot of time to shoot and edit photos. So, couples should know their preferred style and convey it to them.

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1. Traditional wedding photography

Posed portrait photos dominate this style. The photographer captures the newlyweds, the family members and the guests. The photos are shot at eye level but are not much creative. Since it never goes out of style, you can place them inside the album.

2. Artistic Wedding Photography

You can distinguish this style of photography by emphasizing special details. The photographers seek to capture pictures similar to art. They pay close attention to composition and lighting to bring the aesthetic feel. The camera setup is detailed and time-consuming. Picture editing requires core expertise in photography.

Thus, with the right level of cooperation, you will end up creating a magical memory of a lifetime.

3. Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography is quite different from traditional and artistic styles of photography. As a couple, you do not have to pose in an elaborate manner. The photographer will capture raw and realistic emotions to create the best wedding album. They also focus on capturing the entire ambiance of the venue.

Some photographers go for the candid documentary style of photography. They record the magic of your special occasion in a lively and emotional way.

4. Vintage Wedding Photography

This style is quite a rage today. Couples like their photos clicked with a feeling of nostalgia. Modern photographers use various filters to turn every image into a retro shoot. Some newlyweds arrange their wedding in a retro style. Hence this photography style becomes relevant in such instances.

5. Black and White Wedding Photography

People prefer monochrome when it comes to capturing wedding photos. While black and white pictures look simplistic, they are efficient in hiding flaws. The element of lighting creates a great impression too. The professionals focus on the object to get the dark and moody style. They change the image style in post-production. Later they enhance it by giving a filtered effect. This way, aesthetics appear to come straight out of Pinterest or Instagram.

Monochrome photos complement well with the boho or moody wedding theme. This is why most people prefer it for their wedding event.

6. Editorial Wedding Photography

The style follows the trend of glossy magazine photos for your wedding shoot. The photographers capture pictures with interesting poses and well-decorated backgrounds. You can keep looking through popular wedding magazines to stay abreast with fresh ideas.

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