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Hiring a reliable wedding photographer is not only tough but also one of the biggest investments during your wedding. This is exactly why you need to be in your full potential and avoid the common photography mistakes if you want to make the most out of their services. One of the common reasons behind those mistakes is stress. The day is indeed very stressful for the couple, as well as, the photographer. Still, there are a few tips which can help you prevent and let your photographer capture the best wedding images.

9 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Wedding Photography In Kolkata

Wedding Photography

1. Not Deciding The Schedule

Though your wedding is a special day for you to enjoy, finalise your schedule first so that you can enjoy the day with complete peace of mind. Ask the photographer what time of the day will be more photogenic and schedule your photography sessions accordingly. Discuss this schedule with the professional before your wedding day and stick to it.

2. Letting Relatives Interfere

Even if you have someone in the family who have prior experience as a wedding photographer, make sure that he doesn’t get in the way when the professional you have appointed is at work. This might make the latter miss their shots and your wedding album won’t be as beautiful as it could have been.

3. Not Explaining Your Photography Objectives

All experienced Wedding Photographers in Kolkata will accept the fact that the beauty of wedding photography is indeed very subjective. Whether you will like an image or not is completely your personal perspective. The best is to send a few wedding photos to the professional before your D-day so that they can get an idea of what you like and what you don’t.

4. Hiring Only One Photographer

Though an experienced photographer can help you capture some of the best memories of your d-day but thinking that you don’t need a second shooter is simply a mistake. Spend a few extra bucks and ask the photography company you are approaching to send at least two shooters. With two professionals working together, you can expect to get nothing but the best.

5. Organising The Guests

Wedding photography is not only about clicking your photo or that of your spouse but family portraits are equally important. It will help you cherish the moment when your friends and family gathered together to make your special day more memorable. Try to designate someone who would organise those people for portraits. He will direct and gather all so that your photographer can smoothly capture some of the best family portraits.

6. Worrying Too Much

Even if you want everything during your wedding to be perfect, just have fun instead of worrying and everything will fall into place. Even if a bit of your makeup smudges, just keep the smile on your face intact and your wedding photography in Kolkata will be just perfect!

7. Trying Very Hard To Pose

Worrying too much about getting that perfect unique pose is a strict no-no! Just follow the direction of your experienced photographer, relax and act natural. If you are really having a tough time posing, just forget that there is a photographer in your wedding venue and let him click some of the best candid wedding shots.

8. Missing The Registry Session

If your registry has been scheduled on the same day, it is your responsibility to ensure that your photographer is not skipping the registry session. This is once-in-a-lifetime affair which should definitely be captured behind the lenses. It is not only about memories but these images have legal importance as well.

9. Following The Traditional Photography Style

Though following the traditional wedding photography style while capturing images is a cool idea, following them blindly is definitely not wise. It is necessary for your photos to be trendy so that they can be valued for years to come and stand the test of time. If you have a love for the traditional style, just hire a photographer who excels in classic shooting style.

Now that you are aware of the common wedding photography mistakes, make sure you don’t repeat those on your D-day!