PIP Broadcast

The current COVID 19 lockdown situation has a profound effect on our daily life. It has changed our lifestyle totally. The effect is so deep that people are cancelling their marriage ceremonies this year to avoid any risks of contamination. 

However, in such a situation, the job of a wedding photographer or wedding photography company becomes more critical than ever. As a professional and reliable wedding photography company, PIP Broadcast is careful and responsible for maintaining all the guidelines provided by the WHO and set by the State and Central Government to deal with this virus. If you are looking for a trusted candid wedding photographer in Kolkata India during the lockdown, then we are right here for you.

We are following and will follow all the rules and regulations without any miss whenever you hire us for your big day photoshoot. Here are some of the safety measures that our professional photographers will apply while working after the lockdown.

Safety Steps in COVID 19 that We Follow

1. We use the WHO recommended face mask while working

2. We wash hands at the frequent interval to keeps germs away

3. We use gloves while using cameras and other tools

4. We maintain the recommended social distancing at the studio and in the sites

5. Not more than two people working in a single project at a time

6. We use hand sanitizer during the assignment

7. We sanitize all our equipment, bags and tools before and after the work

8. We avoid public transport to avoid contamination

Apart from that, all our team members follow the guidelines of the WHO in their personal lives to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic time. We monitor our regular body temperature and take medical advice if something bothers our health.

We Care for You

Being a professional team of wedding photography, we care for our clients. We understand that the situation is critical right now, and it will take time to become normal. Hence, we are not taking the matter casually. At PIP Broadcast, we are very serious about this matter and wish good health of all our team members as well as our clients. 

Enjoy Our Versatile Services

As a professional wedding photography team, we offer versatile services to meet your specific needs. We cover different occasions that are associated with an Indian wedding. Whether it is your pre-wedding photoshoot or videography – our expert photographers are always ready to provide you with flawless services.

Area We Cover

Even if the situation is critical and transportation is limited, we try to cover the maximum areas to provide our clients with the best wedding photography services. We use personal transport system to reach these destinations safely. Hence, your search for a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata India during the pandemic ends here.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call. We will discuss all our safety measures to you and will be glad to take special care if you need anything specific from us.