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The day of your pre-wedding photo shoot is special. So, deciding what to wear on this day can be tricky. From matching outfits to coordinating them with the theme, it demands a lot of planning. You can take help from a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata for ideas. They can suggest outfits to make you look beautiful and capture the best images.

Outfits to Wear on your Pre-Wedding Shoot

1. Wear something flowy

Your happiness should reflect in the dress you wear. If you are going for an outdoor shoot, it is advisable to pick a flowy outfit. It should flow in the wind, just like as shown in movies. All this will make for a beautiful photoshoot. You should look versatile in the photos, so be careful not to go wrong with the poses.

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2. Dress comfortably

Most couples focus on looking beautiful for their wedding shoot. However, you must ensure to wear clothes which are comfortable. Pre-wedding shoots are occasions to reinvent yourself. You both get ready at the salon, buy new shoes and outfits. But for great pictures, you should be able to breathe in the dress you wear. Let your personality and mood shine in the wedding photos.

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3. Dress up to tell a tale

You want to tell a story via your pre-wedding pictures. You want the photographer to capture dream silhouettes and whimsical frames with your partner. Hence, you can consider fabrics in pastel and neutral hues to set the perfect mood. Go for fabrics that play with the breeze. Bring movement at the correct angles and highlight it with the perfect dress for sophistication.

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4. A vision in white

The photographer will suggest you wear elegant clothing to keep the palette pristine. You can wear white clothes embedded with elements in ivory or vintage. You can add some texture to the clothes to reflect the same in your photos. Do not forget to accessorize with turquoise stones or gold metal jewellery. Your partner can wear something that complements your dress, like a formal shirt with a white blazer and trousers.

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5. Coordinate

Couples seriously consider coordinating outfits with the outdoor location. However, they should ensure to match their outfits as well. You can choose a perfect standalone outfit. But it should go hand in hand with your partner’s look. It is suggested to pick outfits complimenting each other’s style and fashion. This is how you will get the perfect pre-wedding photos.

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