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Your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. It is the busiest day as well. Though you are the centre of attraction of that entire event, somehow you feel lost when it comes to getting a “perfect shot” of you two.

The heavy wedding attire, the umpteen numbers of relatives and visitors around, those annoying selfies, makeup and heavy ornaments all these things will prevent you from getting a good picture of togetherness at your wedding day.

Here comes the idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot. Book a noted pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata and get some excellent shots where your love, romance and affection for each other can be best portrayed.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of a pre-wedding shoot, here are four main reasons that will make this thing really important to you.

1. Real Expression, Real Love: Wedding crowd includes parents, grandparents and other elderly relatives around you. This type of crowd will not let you feel comfortable when it comes to getting some romantic shots. Your pre-wedding photoshoot at a remote location will make it happen. You can get pictures of you two with real emotion, real love and real expressions; without any embarrassment and shyness.

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2. Get Photos for Wedding Decoration: From the wedding invitation cards to the wedding venue’s decorative gates, you can use some of your pre-wedding photos to create something unique and mesmerising. This will be a nice way to present yourselves as a couple in front of the guests too.

3. Get Perfect Pictures for Your Room: It will take time to get the final output of your wedding photos. Even the best wedding photographer will take at least two weeks to edit, prepare and print the album for you. Meanwhile, you can decorate your new bedroom with some of the most beautiful and romantic photos of you two that you have from your pre-wedding photoshoot.

4. Have a Trial: Pre-wedding photoshoot will give you a chance to look at you together in a frame right before your wedding. You can understand which pose looks best and which angle is perfect for you two as a couple.

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