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The wedding day is not only stressful for you but even for your wedding photographer. The professional tries their level best to make the day less stressful for you. A majority of them shot hundreds of weddings every year and this is why they are well aware of a few cool tricks which help them capture some of the best images of your d-day.  Even though it is not necessary to follow every trick by the professional, you can definitely give it a try. Choose the one which matches your style of wedding photography.

4 Cool Tricks By Wedding Photographers In Kolkata Have Been Revealed

Discuss Each Shot

Even if the professional is planning to click numerous shots, each should be captured with adequate care and proper planning. It is the responsibility of the wedding photographer to discuss each shot with his clients before the d-day. You need to ensure that the shot you have decided are feasible and so discussing the shots in advance is a must. If you think that you might forget the shots you have finalized, create a shot list. Share this list with the couple so that they know what exactly they can expect from their photographer.

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Use Of Props

Whether props should be used or not is something that confuses the couple. Every professional wedding photographer in Kolkata feels that including a few props in your pre-wedding and wedding photographs will bring a touch of creativity. Even if the wedding venue or the decorations are quite simple, a few unique props can spice it up. If you are planning to include flower bouquets, play around with those and give your wedding pictures an extra romantic effect. You can either opt for the beautiful white bouquets or the colourful variety.

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata


Checking out the wedding venue before the d-day is a wise decision for photographers in Kolkata. When you are acquainted with the location and venue, you can determine where exactly you want to click the couple photos. Check the lighting and decide how you can use it to create a dramatic effect on your wedding photographs. Though checking the location is beneficial, it isn’t necessary so you can ignore it if the venue isn’t feasible. Such being the situation, arrive an hour early on the wedding day and explore the venue.

Capture Details

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata is well aware of the fact that paying adequate attention to every small detail is a must as it can narrate your entire love story. Every moment and ritual of your d-day should be captured in the best possible frame so that you can recapitulate the complete story of that day every time you open your wedding album. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush and capture every moment. Rather, compose your shots before you capture them.


Since a wedding photographer uses so many tricks and tips to capture some of the best images of your d-day, it’s time you hire someone reliable and experienced in Kolkata.