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Indian weddings are chaotic. If you plan to shoot cinematic photos at a wedding, then it’s next to impossible. Professional wedding photographers in Kolkata know the mess and complexities of getting the best bridal shots in a wedding. Thus, if you want to showcase your photography talent, plan out the event as a wedding photographer. Sit with the bride and ask for a separate one or two hours from here on the D-day.

Brides are undoubtedly the center of attraction in every wedding. Unlike the grooms, you can capture some of the best shots of a bride. However, she will be the one surrounded by loads of relatives, friends, and guests; hence getting a shot at the bride can seem a difficult task.

However, if you’re not able to get some cherished moments of the couples, then the very purpose of clicking pictures at the wedding is dejected.

Four Tips to Get Good Bridal Pictures

1. Check The Location Thoroughly

You must arrive at the location earlier and check the same thoroughly. This will give you the opportunity of planning out the best spots for gorgeous bridal shots. Moreover, checking the location thoroughly will help you to understand the lightings of the place. Do you want a dark light or a silhouette shot? Then this strategy will help you.

2. Keep The Poses Planned

When you’re short on time, you can’t experiment with the bride. Hence, all professional photographers have a set of poses planned and set in their minds so that they can take quick shots of the bride. Your job is to keep the bride free from stress and take some memorable pictures. Hence, it would be best if you had some planned poses in mind.

3. Keep Clear Instructions to Brides

The bride needs to be cooperative in such situations as well. You can speak with the bride and ask for one precious hour from the whole D-day with you. That’s the time when you can take some posed shots. Moreover, keep prompt and open communication with the bride. Tell her the exact expression and the exact location where you want the bride to stand. This will ease out things.

4. Take Candid Shots

Last but not least, candid shots can save your day. For this, you don’t need to take away the bride separately from the crowd. Just focus on the moments and take out the shots that seem real and beautiful. This is the most successful trick in the bucket of a photographer.

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