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Don’t you think those big dull wedding albums are very passé? Why not opt for a style which makes your marriage album stand out and immortalises each of your special moments? With more and more couples going for modern camera work to captivate various moods, emotions and moments of their d-day, ‘candid photography‘ is definitely the new cool!

Candid style photography has redefined the way people once looked at their marriage albums. While the traditional camera work was all about formal photographs and clichéd poses, this modern style shooting is all about capturing moments while maintaining its natural essence and originality without demanding any special pose for the camera. Photographs are clicked completely in their natural forms. For couples who are on the lookout for something that is memorable, enticing and lively, this is a definite go!

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Here in this article, we give you few top reasons why choosing candid photography will be an informed choice for your d-day!

Few Key Reasons Why Couples Should Opt For Candid Wedding Photography

  1. Essence Of Natural Expressions

    It is the natural expressions which make a picture appealing. During candid camera work, one does not even know when he/she is captured since the photographer does not ask you to pose especially. This way, both the natural beauty and the true essence and expressions of the subjects are maintained and captivated perfectly.

  2. Full Of Surprises

    Candid shots capture the emotional, funny, adoring and loving moments of spontaneity with perfection. Once developed, candid photography brings pleasant surprises for the couples, guests and the relatives since they remained completely unaware of their pictures being taken. Therefore, when the final copy of the marriage album arrives, it instantly brings smiles on numerous faces.

  3. True Freedom Of Expression

    Unlike the conventional camera work, the modern-day photography allows you to stay just the way you are without demanding any special pose, forced smile, etc. The modern camera work perfectly captures those fleeting expressions and moments which add life to a photograph. It is something which is natural and original, giving you the complete freedom to be yourself.

  4. Ideal Photography Style For Marriages

    It is candid wedding photography which captures each of those memorable moments which happens both on the main stage and off-stage. For example, the groom’s reaction when he sees his bride for the first time, the expression of the bride when she finally steps out of her room and moves towards the ‘mandap’, etc. Skilled photographers watch each of these moments with complete attention and they never miss to captivate any of these.

  5. Experimental Camerawork

    A couple standing submissively among guests and family members is very boring. Leading photographers thus experiment with various styles and poses. Be it the couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot or the numerous nuptial ceremonies, photographers are always on the lookout for perfect shots which could add a difference to your wedding album.

Now that you are aware of the importance of this modern-day photography, what are you still waiting for? Quickly hire a candid wedding photographer who is well equipped and highly experienced. Time to captivate precious moments which will WOW your heart, forever!