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Wedding photography is much different from other forms of photography. It contains the element of emotion between the couples. The ones who capture the emotion best get more attention from others.

Posting Photos on Instagram:

Posting wedding shots by couples on Instagram has become a viral trend now. As a platform for visual content, Instagram showcases photographs much better.

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5 Best Instaworthy Wedding Photography Ideas

The couples are now trying different poses to create a viral wedding album. The inspiration behind these poses is the recent celebrity weddings. Here one can find top Instaworthy trends that are ruling wedding photography now.

1. Showing Sweet Love: This is by far the best way to show the strong bond between couples. Those who don’t shy away from displaying their affection suit perfectly in these photos. A loving hug or holding hands goes great with this pose. These photos generally get captured during or after the wedding ceremony.

2. The Grand Shot: It is an enriched shot of the couples in a royal setup. The main part of this shot is the depth of the photo background and the traditional outfits of the couple. It resembles a grand marriage event. This type of picture generally gets shot after the wedding ceremony is over.

3. Twirl Shot: The shot of a couple making the twirl move never gets old. It is a magical shot and sums up the chemistry between them perfectly. It is also a great way to show the richly designed outfit of the bride.

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4. Haldi Shot: Haldi is an integral part of a wedding, and wedding photographers do not want to miss it. It is an important shot to add to the wedding album. The Haldi shot can be seen in nearly every album if one follows the wedding photography trends closely.

5. Shots from the Mandap: This shot is really convenient as it shows glimpses from the wedding ceremony. The intense look between the bride and the groom, the shot of applying sindoor and the shots of the rituals have the elements to make the photo go viral.

These poses can be the best bet for couples. These photos have all the elements: emotion, bonding and proximity between the bride and the groom.

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