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Winter has officially arrived and the shaadi season is in full swing! The beautiful winter sun, the delicious food and the no-sweaty hassles make winter weddings joyous celebrations. And, choosing this time of the year to tie the knot can make for a magical wedding altogether.

But, as a bride-to-be, are you perplexed about how to survive the cold winter chills? Well, you can keep yourself warm and look stylish without compromising on your bridal look. Wondering how? Following a few simple and stylish hacks are all you need to be at your bridal best.

Here’re some bridal hacks to help you stay warm and yet look gorgeous at your wedding.

Easy Hacks To Make A Stylish & Resplendent Winter Bride

1. Select A Warmer Fabric For Your Bridal Wear

So what if you are getting married in winter? You can make a gorgeous bride very easily and get bridal portraits from the best wedding photographers. Wondering how to look stylish without freezing to death? Going for richer and heavier fabrics like raw silk and velvet is all you need. Unlike sheer fabrics like georgette and net, heavier fabrics can protect you from the cold wintry weather. Moreover, these fabrics can give you a royal look.

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2. Wear Leg Warmers Under Your Outfit

Another essential aspect to keep in mind while bridal shopping is to buy leg warmers. With harsh and cold winds blowing and freezing temperature, legs are bound to freeze under sarees or open flared lehenga. Wearing a pair of thermal leggings underneath your saree or lehenga can keep you warm. Not only will leg warmers give you the much-needed warmth, but also won’t make the outfit bulkier.

3. Go For Full Sleeve Blouses

Opting for full-sleeved blouse is another fantastic way to keep yourself warm. Even though off-shoulder and sleeveless blouses are super trendy, keep in mind that taking care of yourself is essential. Opt for full-sleeved blouses which look elegant and stylish. You can either embellish your full sleeves with embroidery or stitch gorgeous broad borders.

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4. Get The Blouse Stitched With A Warm Lining

Lining beneath your blouses is crucial for having a neatly structured finishing and avoiding peek-a-boos. Have a warm lining stitched in your blouse with warmer cloth materials for comfy feels. To get your blouse lined with, you can choose fabrics like- matka silk, pashmina, raw silk, etc. Remember; wearing sleeveless or half sleeve blouses can make you shiver throughout the event.

5. Don A Fashionable Jacket Or Cape

Another vital factor to consider is getting a stylish jacket or cape made which perfectly complements your outfit. Donning stunning jackets and capes over your sari or lehenga can make your bridal wear more trendy and modish. Not only will they protect you from the cold weather, but also accentuate your bridal look. For instance, if you wish to give your outfit an edgy look, go for a caped blouse to wear over your bridal saree.

So what are you still waiting for? Keep the above essential tips in mind and be the beautiful bride you always wanted to be!

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