4 Out of Box Questions To Ask A Candid Wedding Photographer

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You can’t trust a random person with wedding photography. After all, you deserve the best when it comes to your wedding. Before hiring a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, ask about them. Looking at all the finest details before entrusting the most important aspect of your life with them is important. Besides professional questions like price and other details, it would be best if you also asked the candid photographer a few out-of-the-box questions.

You must build a relationship with the photographer to bring out the best photos of your wedding. Here are a few uncommon questions you can ask a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata without hesitation.


What are The Uncommon Questions To Ask a Candid Wedding Photographer?

1. Describe the photography style
It would be best if you asked about the photography style of the individual before deciding to select them. If candid is not the style you want, then hiring a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata is not a good decision. On the contrary, if you’re not a person who can pose well, you must share the same information with your photographer and look forward to their response.

2. Restrictions on shots to be taken
Ask whether the photographer has a list of candid shots they plan to take. Many don’t believe in making a list but prefer to go with the flow. However, it would be best if you asked clearly about the restrictions the photographer might have in shooting wedding pictures. What part of the package requires extra payment? It would be best if you enquired about the same as well.

3. Details of the main photographer
Who is the actual photographer for the day? This is vital information that you must enquire of the photographer. Generally, the wedding photographers have 3 or 4 teams deployed to work at different venues on the same day. If you’re keen on working with a particular photographer, ask the team about the same.

4. Expectations from wedding photographs
What type of shots should you expect? This is a vital question that helps determine the shots’ feasibility. Let’s say you’ve expected cinematic shots, but you get normal candids. It will not satisfy your needs. Hence, before raising your hopes, get a clarification on the same.

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