Top Unique Tips For Perfect Candid Wedding Photography

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Candid photography has been the first choice for most couples for their special day, like pre-wedding, engagement, wedding, etc. A candid picture is a source for people to recall and cherish amazing moments for a lifetime. Choosing a professionally experienced candid photographer in Kolkata who you can trust for your big day is equally important.

How Can You Capture the Best Candid Photograph: A Brief Guide

1. Set the Tools Up First:

capturing a perfect candid picture not only requires a photographer to always keep your eyes on you but also needs them to make sure that all the equipment is set correctly in their perfect configurations. We suggest choosing some good zoom lenses over the prime ones to ensure capturing the best shots even from a distance and in a jiffy.

2. Stay on Your Toes:

Candid photography isn’t the subject posing for the lenses, but it’s the camera posing to capture the perfect moment. So, a good candid photographer will keep moving as much as possible around the subject to get that picture-perfect shots.

3. Prevent Using Flashlights:

Candid pictures are best when captured in the presence of natural lights. Be it sunlight for an outdoor event or decorative lights in the venue. We suggest avoiding using flashlights wherever possible. The two main reasons behind suggesting this are flashlights may distract your subject, and second, it can make them feel uncomfortable. Consequently, the picture would also lose its beauty as a candid photograph.

4. Don’t Miss Natural Expressions:

This is one of the best tips every candid photographer must follow. Just set your eyes and camera on the subject to not miss even a precious expression or action. Wait for the natural expression to capture such a candid picture that speaks.

5. Try Not to be Noticed by Your Subject When You Click:

Remember that your subjects are not professional models. So they might not fake candid photography poses. Try to be as unnoticeable as possible while capturing the moments. It will increase the chances of getting natural shots.

6. Set No Limits to Clicking:

Never say enough shots when it comes to clicking candid pictures. You need to click numerous shots to get that one perfect picture. Try different angles and perspectives patiently to get a decent number of candid shots.
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